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Scott Champion takes on the 450 class!

As the west coast Supercross series headed into the break Scott Champion ask the team if he could ride a few rounds of the east coast on a 450 provided by MXCulters and Dave Deringer. We provided Scott with Renegade Fuel, Torc1 bars and grips, his favorite Guts seat cover along with his Enzo Suspension factory Air Suspension and topped it off with a set of Fusion Graphics. Once he was all loaded up with product he set east to see how he would do against the best in the 450 class.

The first round he was able to attend was the Atlanta race, Scot Steffy team manager for BPRMX contacted Factory Frank in Georga to see if he could help with a few riding areas. In typical Frank fashion, he invited Scott to stay at his house for a few weeks before Atlanta and stay till Daytona. Frank is one hell of a guy and a true moto friend. Atlanta was Scott’s first time riding a 450 in Supercross so he was a little apprehensive before practice. Everything fell into place as time qualifying went well and Scott was in the night show. In his first heat race he had a good start but was shuffled back to about 10th place. They take four out of the heat race, in his semi he was running in 3rd before falling back outside of qualifying. The LCQ is always an action packed event, it is the last chance to make the main event and sitting on the bubble (4th Place ) is never where you want to be. Scott got a good start and made his way into the top 4. As the race progressed Cade Clason #80 started to close the gap, on the last lap Clade went for the take out move and got around Scott but didnt put him down. As they lined up for the last time through the whoops Clade got off ballance and almost went down allow Scott to get a perfect run to close to his rear wheel in the last corner, Clade was playing defense instead of racing and Scott was able to cut down behind and make the pass right at the finish line. It was a great race for Scott and his first ever 450 Main event.

The series then headed to Toronto and Scott stayed at Factory Franks for that week until the series returned to Florida and the Daytona SX. Scott again showed up to race and put it in the main event for the second time on a track that was fast and rough.

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  1. Prayers for alldredge. Speedy recovery my friend!
    Is there a team address we can write to champion and alldredge? Thanks

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