The BPR Project

Follow along with the BPR Team was we take on the 2017 season from preseason to the final in Las Vegas. The BPR Project will follow the team through each round documenting the trials and tribulations of a 3rd year Supercross team. Chris Alldredge and Scott Champion will take on the best in the world as they strive for personal best as 7 Time Supercross & Outdoor National Champion Rick Johnson helps mold these riders into true champions.

Episode 11: 125 Dream Race at Washougal MX National on our Project YZ125 with Ryder Steffy

Epis0de 10: The Final learn about what happened with Jon Ames, Meet Stone Edler and hear from Scott Champion as he competes in the 450 Class.

Episode 9: Ride along as we make a run at the World Two-Stroke Championship then make our way to round 8 of the West Coast SX Series in Salt Lake.

Episode 8: We get ready for the MTA Two-Stroke National, Prep for Seattle SX and find out the fate of each or our riders after the event.

Epidode 7: We make the long journy to Arlington TX and get to talk with a N.W. Supercross Legend. Here about how the team feels going into the break.

Episode 6: Ride along on our way to Oakland and get a real behind the scense feel in our newest episode.

Episode 5 Arizona round and the Jon Ames home town boy makes good.

Episode 4 Anaheim 2 hear from Chris Alldredge, See Jon Ames grow and the Champ working towards top 10.

Episode 3 looks at the Chris Alldredge crash, Jon Ames coming to the team and more. Great footage of qualifying..

The first race of the season, has our hard work paid off?

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